Hide-A-Trim Tile Installation Instructions

This Kit is designed to be installed by:

First: Electrician – The job is to receive the kit(s) inspect the kit for correct contents and give the faceplate to the construction supervisor/manager.

Second: Drywall installer

Third:  Tile Installer

  1. Attach the plastic spacers to the two brackets.  The outer brackets on the spacers are used for vertical installation while the closer spacers are used for horizontal installation.
  2. Install the bracket to the stud with the supplied screws. Level the bracket and install the opposite side.  Install the screws in the lower bracket. 
  3. Install the wiring in the Raco Box. Glue the Raco box by removing the protective tape to the base bracket. wire the device and install in the base plate to the brackets using the supplied self-tapping screws. Use the top middle screw hole first.  Level and install the rest of the screws. 
  4. Do not tighten the device. Install the protection plate. Tighten the device through the openings in the protection plate.
  5. Level the base plate to the surface of the tile by adjusting the screws through the protection plate. LEVELING RECOMMENDATION – Loosen the four outer leveling screws. Adjust the inner screws with the supplied TORX wrench to the desired level by pushing them down on the protection plate. Tighten the outer screws to keep level. 
  6. Place adhesive tabs on holes.
  7. Grout and finish.
  8. Remove the protection plate and replace it with an applicable finishing plate.


  1. Install metal fillers inside the metal stud cavity.
  2. Follow the above installation instructions.

NOTE:  If a custom finish is required, take pictures as outlined on our website. Keep a sample of the tile and the cutout piece. Fill out the form on www.hideatrim.com

Send the sample to the following address:

Nassco Products LLC
2460 NW 17th Ln, Unit 4
Pompano Beach FL 33064