Switch and outlet plates have routinely been installed on the surface of walls for decades. Plates are generally white or another color that never match the wall paint, creating an eye sore. While several companies have introduced products, which offer recessed and paintable switch and outlet covers, these are often complicated to install and require specialized skills. This makes the outlets more expensive and – most importantly – delays construction projects.

Hide-A-Trim is excited to introduce a system of paintable flush mounted switch and outlet plates. They are compatible with 95% of available manufactured devices on the market. The system is easy to install by any electrician, finished by any carpenter or painter, and does not delay construction.

Ordering is done by choosing the device plate and specifying the thickness of the drywall. Backsplash and hard surfaces such as plywood, other wood products, and marble have an adjustable system.

Differences in the height of the device to the surface of the plate are adjustable with two self-adhesive shims. Centering the device is accomplished by the protection plate. Our product can be customized to fit any surface and area.

The grooves in the baseplate are designed so the compound used to fill the gap will create a lock between the baseplate and the drywall. This ensures the integrity of the installation.

There are 23 different kits to make ordering simple. You can easily identify the appropriate switch or outlet needed for your project. The adjustable system is designed to install in 1/2” or 5/8” drywall, wood, marble, or tiled surfaces. All kits are easily identified for easy ordering.


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