Hide-A-Trim Drywall Installation Instructions

This Kit is designed to be installed by:

First: The electricians receive the kit(s), inspect it for correct contents, and give the faceplate to the construction supervisor/manager.

Second: Drywall installer and finisher

Third: Painter

Hide-A-Trim devices can be installed vertically, horizontally, or at any angle.

Wood Stud Walls – New Construction – Each kit includes the finish plate which should be given to the construction manager to be finished by the painting contractor. 


  1. Determine the height of the device to be installed. The indentation in the middle of the bracket is the center point of the electrical device to be installed. 
  2. Install side A of the bracket to the stud. Use the provided level to level the bracket and attach side B to the opposite stud using supplied screws. Use three screws on each side. Note the indentation on the bracket signifies the center line on the bracket.   
  3. Punch the knockout hole on the electrical box supplied, install the wire clamp—supplied by the electrical contractor—and pull the wire. 
  4. Install the electrical box on the bracket using the provided self-tapping screws. The lines on the bracket are available to help with centering and leveling the electrical box.
  5. Wire the device (switch or receptacle) and guide it through the base plate.  Some switches may require the enclosed adhesive shims for a proper flush-mounted finish.
  6. Install the device on the base plate. Do Not tighten.
  7. Install the protection plate. Level the base plate and tighten the screw through the protection plate holes. 
  8. Cover the holes with the provided adhesive circular stickers. 


  1. The center of the protection plate is designated with a plus (+) sign to enable the drywall installer to locate an accurate center.  The drywall installer will use the provided template to mark and cut the opening of the drywall. DRYWALL INSTALLER SHOULD CUT OUTSIDE THE LINES OF THE TEMPLATE. The gap should be filled by joint compound only. 
  2. Once the drywall is installed, the gap between the base plate and the drywall can be compounded using the same method as the rest of the drywall finishes. DO NOT USE TAPE. The grooves provided in the base plate are to create a lock with the compound.
  3. Two coats of compound and sanding are all that is required. Finish, and paint.  


  1. The construction manager will give the face plate to the painter to paint the same color as the wall.  The face plate is primed and ready for painting. Sanding the faceplate is not recommended, nor required.  
  2. Remove the protection plate and any debris between the edge of the base plate and the protection plate. Approximate the painted face plate, and let the magnets click into the face plate in place to complete the installation.  We recommend that the protection plate be stored to be used for any future painting.

Metal Stud Installation

  1. Install metal bracket clips inside the metal stud cavity.
  2. Follow the above installation instructions.

Existing drywall installation

  1. Cut drywall 4” above and below the electrical device.  Cut beyond the two studs outside the device.  Extend cut 2” – 4”.
  2. Follow the above installation instructions.

Hide-A-Trim products are designed to be installed by everyday electricians and carpenters. Instructional videos and presentations show the SIMPLICITY of getting the desired results utilizing regular resources.

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