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Paintable Flush Mount Outlet and Switch Kits

Hide-A-Trim flush mount outlet and switch kits allow your design, your home, to be the center of attention. Let the electrical needs of your home take the backseat to great design.

Hide a Trim: custom flush mount outlet for wood surfaces


Switch and outlet plates have routinely been installed on the surface of walls for decades. Plates are generally white or another color that never matches the wall paint, creating an eyesore.

paintable flush mount outlet and switch cover for marble


Hide-A-Trim’s flush-mount kits for outlets and switches were designed to improve the appearance of any home or office. Our product perfectly camouflages outlets, switches, and more on any wall or surface – including tile or marble.

Hide A Trim flush mount outlet and switch kit installed on marble surface

Ease of Installation

Our flush mounted electrical kits stand out from the competition because of their ease of installation. Contractors save time and money, and DIYers save headache and frustration with Hide-a-Trim.


Flush Mount Outlet and Switch Kits for Drywall

Hide-a-Trim’s flush mount electrical kits for drywall are the ultimate solution for contractors seeking a customizable and easy-to-install option for flush mounted electrical outlets and switches. Available in 2 sizes, for 1/2″ or 5/8″ drywall applications.


Adjustable Flush Mount Outlet and Switch Kits for Cabinetry and Trim

With adaptable design options, an easy installation process, and a paintable surface for endless customization, Hide-a-Trim’s flush mount electrical kits offer contractors the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.


Adjustable Tile, Wood & Marble Surfaces

With compatibility with 95% of electrical outlets and switches on the market, easy installation, high-quality materials, and exceptional customer service, Hide-a-Trim is the go-to choice for contractors seeking a superior solution for creating a sleek and sophisticated look for outlets and switches.

Hide-A-Trim Easy Installation Process

Save time and frustration using Hide-A-Trim! Installation of our flush-mounted switch and outlet kits is quick and easy. Our simple to follow installation instructions guide you through the process, and our convenient installation cover plate ensures that your finished edge is nearly invisible.