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Get Flush Mount Power Faceplate for Outlet Kit in all 50 US States

At Hide a Trim, we have compiled a list of compelling reasons to consider installing a flush-mounted power faceplate in your home. If you are interested in this, please reach out to us. We’ll guide you through the simple installation process. Any carpenter or electrician can easily install our kit to install a flush mount faceplate.

Why Choose Hide a Trim in All 50 US States?

Following are some amazing reasons that you should choose Hide a Trim company for flush mount power faceplate installation.


You cannot fully appreciate the look until you see it yourself. The flush-mounted outlets and switches just blend into the wall. You can even paint the faceplates or finish them like your tile or marble. They are a seamless part of your design.

Easy Installation

Flush Mount is revolutionizing the industry with its innovative, 3-piece design that allows for invisible outlets. This product is a game changer in terms of both style and functionality. Besides, one great thing about the kit is that its grooved design makes for a simple install for the drywall mudder. It does not chip or leave cracks in the drywall, saving time and money.


The industry has barely changed in almost 100 years. It hasn’t had a significant change until the 1980’s, when the decora outlet was introduced. Flush mount outlets, made with our flush mount faceplate and outlet kit is the next big step in electric function and look in almost forty years.



Keep up with the Times with Hide a Trim

By choosing to install a flush mount outlet and faceplate kit, you can accomplish two tasks at once. Many outlets now come equipped with built-in USB ports, allowing you to charge devices such as phones directly from the outlet. This is without the need for separate adapters. This provides a convenient charging solution for USB-compatible devices.

You cannot match the look, the beauty, the majesty of a flush mount kit. One that fits seamlessly with the wall or other surface. Moreover, one that can be painted or made to match your tile or granite installation.

New construction is a snap. Existing renovations are probably best saved for drywall, but can be done by any carpenter, electrician or avid DIYer.

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