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Faceplates and outlets are often viewed as the outcast of interior styling. They are a vital aspect of modern living, but can be unsightly and overlooked. One way to deal with them is to conceal them, which can result in inconvenience and difficulties in plugging in devices.

Imagine a different approach; what if Hide a Trim could make power outlets invisible? Consider how smooth flush-mounted faceplates could integrate into your space, hiding in plain site, instead of drawing attention with an extruding cover plate.

What is a Flush Mount Power Outlet Kit?

A flush mount faceplate kit is an electrical system installed into the walls so that the faceplate is even with the wall. You can even paint over the faceplates or match them to your tile or stone finishings. 

Installing a flush mount kit is easy; any carpenter or electrician can install them, even the avid DIYer. While most easily done on fresh drywall installations, with a little elbow grease, it can also be installed on existing drywall. 

The electrical equipment that powers the socket must be installed within the drywall or finishing surface, like stone, by a trained electrician or someone experienced with changing outlets. Besides, the finisher will then utilize construction methods to make the wall smooth. It should be noted that Hide-a-Trim’s unique grooved system allows you to mud it without unsightly cracks that must be repaired.


Install your Flush Mounted Power Outlet Kit in Canada

After determining the ideal flush mount kit and outlets for your project and room, the next step is determining its optimal location. 

Prioritize the beauty of the look and the functionality in your decision-making process.

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