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Advantages of Flush Mounted Power Outlets in Home- Hide a Trim’s Solution

Flush-mounted power outlet plates, including data jacks, switches, and keypads, are embedded into the wall. They create a smooth surface without the requirement for extruding face plates. This plate for outlets blends seamlessly with the surrounding area, creating a clean and uncluttered appearance. Hide a Trim designs the houses and walls without any compromise. The only purpose is to enhance the appearance of ceilings and walls.

Installation of Flush Mount Electric Outlet Kit

Flush-mount power outlet and faceplate kits can be installed in any location where a traditional indoor receptacle is typically placed. Their sleek design allows for greater flexibility in terms of aesthetics. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these outlets are subject to electrical regulations and guidelines as other receptacles. 

For instance, it is not allowed to install them horizontally on a surface in a kitchen. This is due to the potential danger of liquids seeping into the sockets.

Easy installation Process of Flush Mount Faceplates

The installation of flush-mount faceplates is done during the drywall or other surface installation procedure. This makes it a viable option for any location. Any carpenter or electrician can easily install the system. Besides, for the drywall mudding process, our grooved feature gives you a crack free finish every time. 

The installation process may vary depending on the specific outlet model. But, the electric outlet is inserted after the kit has been embedded in the wall. The faceplate that comes with the kit creates a flush surface with the wall or other installation surface. 



In comparison with traditional outlets, flush mount power faceplates and outlets are jaw dropping. The installation process is simple, and you get a look that is ahead of its time. It is truly for only the most discerning clients. 

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