About Hide-A-Trim Flush Mounted Electrical Outlets

Hide-A-Trim is a flush-mounted solutions service with a 1999 registered trademark of Hyde Park Find Art of Mouldings Inc. Our company adds a simple and creative touch to flush mounted electrical outlets, switches, and other devices. These outlets are suitable for walls, marble, wood finishes, and tile backsplash in the building industry. 

The flush-mounted outlets are inserted into a wall through a flush mounting box and are mostly made for the 5/8- and 1/2-inch plug.

Our Products

Our flush-mounted outlets were specially made with all kinds of interior decorations. 

They are;

  • Dry Wall-Mounted Outlets and Switches
  • Marble and Wood-Mounted Outlets and Switches
  • Tile-Mounted Adjustable Outlets and Switches 
  • Wall-Mounted Devices

All these outlets were designed to help further enhance the beauty of your home. 

How to Install Our Flush Mounted Outlets?

Our flush mounted electrical outlets are designed to be installed easily. With the help of our installation video, you’ll find the process easier. However, here’s a simple sequence to follow to install the outlets on your own with standard tools.

Choose the Right Flush Mounted Box

Before even starting the installation process, you should consider the size and design of the 

flush-mounted electric box. The box size will determine the type of appliance to be used. 

Select the Right Spot

You need to figure out where exactly the back box will be positioned before you start any drilling. However, try not to drill next to older outlets so as not to cause a problem with electrical cables.

Drill the Hole Appropriately

The size of the hole is as important as choosing your preferred material. If the gap is not measured properly, the box may slip out and will never fit properly in the long run. So, once the hole is ready, you can put it in your box and clean it properly. Your unique and decorative outlet is ready to be used.

Why Our Electrical Outlets Stand Out?

Our products and services are like none other, as we strive to give you the best at all times. Here are reasons why you should get your flush electrical outlets from us;

Blends Smoothly into Your Wall

Flush-mounted outlets are the best choice if you want to hide your outlets and blend them into your painted walls without being visible.

The flush-mounted electric box is installed in such a way that it becomes flush with your wall without protruding. Additionally, it can be painted over to make it less noticeable.

Simple Ordering Process

All orders of our decorative outlets are delivered in kits, and each kit contains the complete installation hardware, instructions, and templates of each device. These resources are provided to assist you throughout the whole installation and finishing process. 

Contact Us

Our flush-mounted electrical outlets will help you upgrade your home’s value and improve its appearance considerably.

You’ll be surprised at the power the right electrical upgrade holds on the interior of your home. It’s time to discover what our Hide A Trim team can craft for you as an outlet choice. Call us right away to set the plans in motion.